About Us

SEW-WHAT Virgin Hair Owner/CEO


The brand SEW-WHAT? was originated December 01, 2011. That's when Augusta, GA was presented with the first $40 sew-in only hair extension salon, SEW-WHAT? WEAVE SHOP! From that point, I knew I wanted to expand this brand far beyond sew-ins. SEW-WHAT? Virgin Hair! Co llc began in April, 2012 although, we did not launch until July, 2012.  Assuring we were providing you with the best quality grade hair extensions.

With our high quality texture hair extensions, it has allowed us to gain and maintain a 99% customer and product satisfaction rating to date.  We specialize in 100% hand picked, raw virgin, machine double weft, non-chemical, unprocessed hair.  Each bundle is between 3.5-4oz.  (Remember, the longer the hair the thinner the bundle).  SEW-WHAT? Virgin Hair!  comes in its natural color 1b-2.  At times, my distributor do get a rare lighter brown color 4. (Available upon request).  We try to send like colors in every order (unless you request otherwise) however, at times, the colors may vary.  SEW-WHAT? VIRGIN HAIR! also displays unfiltered pictures!  We want all our customer's to see exactly what they're actually getting, and that is GORGEOUS HAIR EVERY TIME!

PO Box 5991

Augusta, GA 30913


EMAIL: sewwhatsalon@gmail.com